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Newington Y.C.
Newington Y.C. Crest
Home Ground: The Cliff
Cups played in:
    Tops colour: Green
    Shorts colour: Green
    Socks colour: Green
    Website: Website
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    Premier Division Champions:-         2005/6, 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11

    NAFL Division 1A Champions:-        2001/2

    Nafl Division 1B Champions:-          1999/0

    Border Regiment Cup Winner:-        2005/6

    NAFL Division 2A Champions:-        1998/9

    NAFL Division 2B Champions:-        1995/6

    NAFL Division 2C Champions:-        1994/5

    NAFL Cochrane Corry Cup Winners:- 1994/5, 1997/8, 1998/9

    CAFA Junior Shield Winners:-            1990/1

    IFA Junior Cup Winners:-                    1997/8

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