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LMC Meeting 19/02/18

Comber Rec FC protest not upheld against Dunmurry Rec FC 27.1.18.

Portavogie Rangers protest upheld against St Luke's FC 10.2.18.  St Luke's dismissed from Appetise Clarence Mayes Cup competition and fined £50.00 under rule 4.1.4 for fielding an ineligible player.  Rule 5.2 applies - St Luke's fined £100.00 for submitting a falsified match card plus 12 month suspension on signatory Paul O'Rourke (Snr).  Papers sent to IFA Disciplinary Committee for their consideration.   

LMC Meeting 22/01/18

Donaghadee FC v Ardoyne FC 23.12.17 abandonment.  Ardoyne FC found guilty of abandonment.  Appendix G applies - match awarded to Donaghadee FC, Ardoyne fined £200.00 and 3 points deducted.

Derriaghy CC FC v Suffolk FC 14.10.17 abandonment.  Suffolk FC found guilty of abandonment.  Appendix G applies - dismissal from Appetise Border Cup competition confirmed and fined £200.00.  

St Patrick's YM FC v Ballynahinch Olympic 6.1.18 abandoned due to injury to player. Rule 3.10 applies as more than 60 minutes played.  Result at stoppage stands St Patrick's YM FC 0 - 1 Ballynahinch Olympic. 

Larne Tech OB lls v Tullycarnet FC lls 30.12.17 non fulfilment by Tullycarnet.  Rule 3.9.1 applies. 

LMC Meeting 08/01/18

Groomsport FC v Iveagh Utd 7.10.17 abandonment.  Both teams found guility of abandonment. Appendix G applies - no points to either team, 3 points deducted from each team and each team fined £200.00.

Bangor Amateurs protest upheld against Iveagh Utd 18.11.17.  Match awarded to Bangor Amateurs.  Iveagh Utd fined £50.00 rule 2.1 for fielding ineligible player, fined £100.00 rule 5.2 for submitting a falsified match card plus 12 month supension on signatory Anthony O'Neill.  Papers sent to IFA Disciplinary Commitee for their deliberations.

LMC Meeting 13/11/17

Rathfern Rangers protest upheld against Islandmagee FC 4.11.17 unsigned match card.  Islandmagee FC fined £25.00.

Bryansburn Rangers lls v Suffolk FC lls 28.10.17 abandoned due to deteriorating ground conditions to be rearranged. 

LMC Meeting 24/10/17

Shorts FC lls v East Belfast FC lls 9.9.17 non fulfilment. Rule 3.1 applies match awarded to East Belfast FC lls.

Donaghadee FC protest upheld against Shamrock FC 7.10.17.  Rule 5.2 applies Shamrock player name omitted from match card.  Match awarded to Donaghadee FC.

Ballywalter Rec FC protest upheld against Dunmurry YM 14.10.17. Dunmurry YM fined £50.00 rule 2.1 fielding an ineligible player and £100.00 fine rule 5.2 falsifying a match card plus 12 month suspension on signatory Gary Dixon.  Papers sent to IFA Disciplinary Committee for their deliberations.

Rooftop FC lls withdrawal from league.    

LMC Meeting 26/09/17

Dundonald FC lls withdrawal from league.

Grove Utd v Dunmurry YM 22.8.17 stopped due to referee injury to be replayed.

18th Newtownabbey lls v Mossley lls 23.9.17 non fulfilment by 18th Newtownabbey lls.  Rule 3.9.1 applies.

LMC Meeting 28/08/17

Drumbo FC withdrawal from league.

Ballynagross FC withdrawal from league.

Newington Rangers lls withdrawal from league.

LMC Meeting 11/05/17

Immaculata lls v Crumlin Star lls 06/04/17.  Immaculata lls found guilty of abandonment, points awarded to Crumlin Star lls and Immaculata fined £200.00 plus 3 points deducted.

Donaghadee FC protest not upheld against Drumbo FC 04/04/17.

LMC Meeting 20/04/17

The League Management Committee held a meeting on 20 April to attempt to resolve the matter of the Drumbo v Donaghadee fixture.  Both clubs attended.  Donaghadee were unable to provide sufficient information for the protest to proceed.  In the interests of fairness to both clubs, Donaghadee agreed to provide additional information and a subsequent date for a hearing will be arranged.

Annual General Meeting

The proposed date of the NAFL Annual General Meeting is Tuesday 30 May 2017.  Venue RUAS, Balmoral, Belfast.

LMC meeting 05/04/17

 Drumbo protest upheld against Rooftop 18/03/17.  Rooftop fined £50.00 for fielding ineligible player, £100.00 for falsifying match card plus 1 year suspension on signatory Lawrence Wasson.

Saintfield Utd v 18th Newtownabbey 12/11/16.  Saintfield Utd found guilty of abandonment, points awarded to 18th Newtownabbey and Saintfield Utd fined £200.00 plus 3 points deducted.

St Patrick's FC v Dunmurry Rec FC 11/02/17.  Dunmurry Rec found guilty of abandonment, points awarded to St Patrick's FC and Dunmurry Rec fined £200.00 plus 3 points deducted.

St Teresa's v Donaghadee FC 25/02/17.  Donaghadee protest ruled out of order.

Bangor Amateurs FC v Iveagh Utd 25/02/17. Non fulfilment by Iveagh Utd. Rule 3.8 applies.

Bloomfield 11s v Wellington Rec lls 25/02/17.  Non fulfilment by Wellington Rec 11s.  Rule 3.8 applies.

East Belfast 11s v Downshire lls 18/03/17.  Non fulfilment by Downshire 11s.  Rule 3.8 applies.

UUJ lls v St Oliver Plunkett Res 25/03/17.  Non fulfilment by UUJ lls. Rule 3.8 applies.

Crumlin Star lls v Albert Foundry lls 25/03/17.  Non fulfilment by Albert Foundry lls.  Rule 3.8 applies.

Killyleagh YC v Derriaghy CC lls 25/03/17.  Non fulfilment by Killyleagh.  Rule 3.8 applies.

East Belfast v Dundonald 4/04/17.  Non fulfilment by Dundonald. Rule 3.8 applies. 

LMC meeting 28/09/15

St Pats 11's v Crumlin Star 11's. Non fulfilment by St Pats. Match awarded to Crumlin Star as per rule.

Ardoyne 11's v 1st bangor 11's. Ardoyne fined £25.00 for not providing a match card.

Donaghadee 11's v W/head 11's. Abandoned due to injury. Score at time stands.

Drumbo 11's v Temple 11's. Non fulfilment by Temple. Match awarded to Drumbo 11's

LMC meeting 26/10/15

Mossley v DYM. Dunmurry fined £25.00 for error in match card

Bryansburn v Holywood. Holywood fined £25.00 for error in match card

Ballynagross v Shamrock. Shamrock awarded fixture due to taking of league fixture on cup date.

Saintfield Utd v Dromore Amts. Dromore fined £50.00 for playing non registered player.

 LMC meeting 19/11/15

Abbey Villa  v  Dromora Village both found guilty of abandonment. Appendix "G" applied

Grange Rgs  v  St Teresa's both found guilty of abandonment. Appendix "G" applied

1st Bangor 11's v Downshire 11's Stopped due to injury on 32 mins. To be replayed

Portaferry Rvs 11's  v  Ardoyne 11's. Non-fulfilment by Ardoyne Rule 3.8 applied

Newington Rangers 11's fined £250.00 for playing ineligible players.

Whitehead Eagles 11's  v  Queens Colts 11's. Stopped due to injury 40 mins. To be replayed

Suffolk Swifts 11's v Rooftop 11's. Non-fulfilment by Rooftop 11's. Rule 3.8 applied

LMC meeting 30/03/16

Lisburn Rgs 11's found guilty of abandonment against Rathfern 11's 24/10/15. Fined £200.00 with 3 points deducted.

Shamrock FC found guilty of abandonment against Whitehead Eagles 23/01/16. Fined £200.00 with 3 points deducted.

Ballywalter Rec protest upheld against Rathfern Rgs 20/02/16 match awarded to Ballywalter Rec. Rathfern fined £100.00.

Comber Rec protest upheld against St Patricks YM 05/03/16 match awarded to Comber Rec. St Patricks fined £100.00.

Malachians v Drumaness Mills 27/02/16. score at time of abandonment due to injury stands 2-3

Ardoyne 11's withdrawal from league

Rooftop 11's withdrawal from league

Newington Rgs 11's withdrawal from league

Downshire 11 v Portaferry 11's. Match awarded to Downishire due to non-fulfilment by Portaferry 11's plus £100.00 fine

Rosemount 11's v Aquinas 11's. match awarded to Aquinas due to non-fulfilment by Rosemount 11's plus fine £100.00

Albert Foundry 11's v Lisburn Rgs 11's. match awarded to Albert Foundry 11's due to non-fulfilment by Lisburn Rgs 11's plus £100.00 fine.

Dunmurry YM fined £50.00 plus deduction of 15 points. The points gained whilst playing un-registered player.

Grove Utd fined £50.00 plus deduction of 13 points. The points gained whilst playing un-registered player.

LMC meeting 05/05/16

Barn Utd 11's found guilty of abandonment against Shankill Uts 11's. Barn fined £200.00 and deducted 3 points

Shankill Utd 11's found guilty of abandonment against Bangor Swifts 11's. Shankill fined £200.00 plus 3 points deducted from season's total.

Sam Trainor of Rathfern suspended from all acitivies under the auspices of the NAFL for 12 months for falsifying match card

Kelvin OB's 11's protest against Temple Rgs 11's upheld. Temple fined £100.00 for playing 2 ineligible players. Gareth Philips Temple Rgs suspended from all football activies under auspices of NAFL for 12 months.

Crumlin Star 11's  v  Albert Foundry 11's. Albert Foundry protest upheld however due to incomplete match card the fixture has been deemed void.

Drumbo v Temple Rgs. protest by Temple Rgs deemed out of order.

Suffolk Fc 11's, Shankill Utd 11's, Dunmurry Rec 11's and Groomsport 11's all found guilty of non-fulfilments. Each club fined £75.00 plus loss of guarantee fee.

East Belfast  v  Dromara Village. Protest by Dromara. Meeting adjourned pending further investigations by LMC.

19 players names put forward and approval for Rosebowl squad.

LMC Meeting 23/05/16

Bangor Amateurs v Dunmurry YM. BA found guilty of abandonment. Fine £200.00 and loss of 3 points.

East Belfast v Dromara (16/04/16) Protest by Dromara ruled "out of order". Protest not sent to secretary of East Belfast.

Ardoyne v Queens Grads (24/04/16) Ardoyne found guilty of abandonment. Fined £200.00 and loss of 3 points.

Newington Rgs v Dromore Amts. (28/04/16) Protest by Dromore found Newington guilty of playing ineligible player. £50.00 fine and match awarded to Dromore.

Rathfriland v Killyleagh (10/05/16) non-fulfilment by Killyleagh rule 3.8 applies

Woodvale v Basement (16/05/16) non-fulfilment by Basement rule 3.8 applies

Crumlin Star 11's  v  Rathfern 11's (09/04/16) non -fulfilment by Rathfern rule 3.8 applies

Queens Colts v Donaghadee 11's (12/05/16) Protest by Queens Colt found Donaghadee guilty of playing ineligible player. £50.00 fine and match awarded.

 LMC meeting 04/07/16

Drumbo found guilty of causing abandonment with game against Temple Rgs by CAFA and with NAFL rule applied Drumbo are deducted 3 points which will relegate them to division 2C

Donaghadee 11's  D Wright given a 1 year suspension and the club fined £100.00 for deliberately falsifying the match card against Queens Colts.

Rooftop 11's and Newington Rgs 11's request inclusion into league for incoming season granted.

It was agreed by the LMC that only the Premier Division trophy may be presented to the winning club on the "match day" if possible.

Congratulations to David Martin on becoming President of the IFA. Also congratulations to Crawford Wilson on his appointment as 2nd deputy President.

LMC meeting 26/09/16

Crumlin Star found guilty by IFA of causing abandonment against Drumaness April 16. NAFL apply rule.

Kilmore Rec's non -fulfilment against Islandmagee 10/09/16. Points to Islandmagee with Kilmore fined £75.00 + loss of guarentee fee.

Donard Hospital have withdrawn from league

Agreed that the web site will automatically send and e-mail to all home teams who do not respond with the score, a £10.00 fine.

Basement have withdrawn from league

 LMC Meeting 31/10/16

Finaghy 11's did not affiliate correctly to the CAFA until 20/10/16. All points gained (15) deducted and awarded to their oponents plus a fine of £25.00.

Nortel withdraw from league.

Dromore Amateurs 11's fail to fulfil with 18th Newtownabbey 11's on 08/10/16. Points awarded to 18th with Dromore fined £75.00 plus loss of guarentee fee.

1st Bangor 11's fail to fulfil with East Belfast 11's on 29/10/16. Points awarded to East with 1st Bangor fined £75.00 plus loss of guarentee fee.

Border Cup semi final changed from 2nd November to 9th November.

 Newington Rgs 11's withdrawl from league

 LMC meeting 28/11/16

Resignation received from Temple Rangers

31st December 2016 to be an optional date for 3rd division teams only

24th December. Closed date. Steel & Sons cup final Linfield Swifts v Dundela 10.45 kick off.

 LMC meeting 12/12/16

St Patricks 11's failed to fulfil against Rathfern Rgs 11's 10/12/16. Match awarded to Rathfern 11's with St Pats given appropiate fine.

Wellington Rec 11's late withdrawl from Walter Moore Cup. Fined £50.00

Tullycarnet 11's found guilty of 2 wrong names on match card one of which played whilst under suspension. Fined £100.00 plus 1 year suspension on signatory Mr David Ferguson. Papers sent to IFA disciplinary committee for their deliberations.

Finaghy's appeal against NAFL 04/01/17

Finaghy 11's lost their appeal to the IFA against the NAFL's deduction of 15 points due to non-affiliation to the CAFA.

LMC meeting 30/01/17

18th Newtownabbey 11's found guilty by CAFA of causing abandonment against Rosemount 11's NAFL rule 3.9 appendix "G" applied and fine £200.00 with match awarded to Rosemount.

Ards Rgs 11's protest against St Luke's 11's upheld with match awarded to Ards Rgs 11's and St Lukes fined £25.00 for incomplete match card.

Non-fulfilment by Rooftop 11's against Groomsport 11's. Match awarded to Groomsport and Rooftop fined £75.00 plus loss of guarantee fee.

Non-fulfilment by Colinvalley 11's against Islandmagee 11's. Match awarded to Islandmagee and Colinvalley fined £75.00 plus loss of guarantee fee.

Shamrock FC late withdrawal from Clarence Cup fined £50.00

Match awarded to 4th Newtownabbey 11's against Donaghadee 11's due to D/Dee under suspension by CAFA.

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