About Us

The Northern Amateur Football League is the largest football league in Northern Ireland with membership of 94 clubs incorporating 177 teams.  The League is administrated by the Board and League Management Committee, all volunteers and an appointed League Secretary.  The principle officers are:

Chairman:-  Mr Stephen Carlisle

Treasurer:-  Mr David Martin

Hon Secretary:-  Mr Mervyn Martin

 Vice Chairman : Mr Conrad Kirkwood


Whilst the League Secretary is the normal first point of contact the following persons can be contacted for asistance as indicated in the listed headings.  On matters not requiring immediate response please use the e-mail address provided.

League Secretary Ms Donna Darlington

e-mail nafl.secretary@hotmail.com

(m) 07702-913360    (text messages only)

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Hon. League Treasurer   Mr David Martin 

League Fees

29 Dromore Road, Hillsborough, BT26 6HS  

 (m) 07730 951933 e-mail: d.j.martin@live.co.uk


Hon. League Chairman    Mr Stephen Carlisle